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Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Ideal Bonsai Tree: The Dwarf Pomegranate

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People who love bonsai trees will love the dwarf pomegranate tree! The dwarf pomegranate tree has beautiful flowers and fruit. However, the fruit of the dwarf pomegranate tree is quite small when compared to a normal pomegranate. The dwarf pomegranate tree’s flowers are yellow-orange in color and trumpet shaped; its fruit is a spherical red; and its leaves are dark green marbled with shades of bronze. The trunk of the dwarf pomegranate is naturally twisted. Overall, the dwarf pomegranate is a lush and gorgeous bonsai!

The dwarf pomegranate can be easily propagated from the thick branches of a parent plant. The dwarf pomegranate thrives in hot, sunny conditions, but needs to be kept a bit damp at all times. The only exception to this is just before mid-season, when shadier and dryer conditions encourage flowering of the dwarf pomegranate tree.

Sunlight is critical to the dwarf pomegranate tree. It is also rather delicate and frost or drying winds will kill this tree. Because the dwarf pomegranate is a Mediterranean tree, it flourishes in warm environments. If you live in an area with a cold climate, a greenhouse is the perfect place to grow the dwarf pomegranate tree. The tree flowers well when planted in a deeper-than-usual pot because a shallow pot will not accommodate the root system. The branches of the dwarf pomegranate tree can be brittle, so care should be taken.

On the whole, the dwarf pomegranate is the perfect bonsai tree. It is easily trained to almost all bonsai styles: forest, cascade, literati, tree on rock, windswept, twin trunk, root over rock, twisting trunk, informal upright, etc. A gorgeous bonsai, the dwarf pomegranate is in every aspect a full pomegranate tree, in miniature.

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